by Larkin Vonalt

An entertaining exercise in re-discovering self-discipline.

At least I hope it’s entertaining. My last blog, 1000 Days, was sadly neglected. It was even a day late coming to a close.  Everything took precedence over writing. Some important things like dog rescue and cello lessons for the kid and job writing and dinner out with friends, but also some real time sinks like Facebook and hunting for treasure at the Goodwill and stretching out on the sofa to watch NCIS.

So, of course I’ve chosen the busiest month of the year to try to redeem myself. It’s like Frank sings “If I can make it here, I’ll make it anywhere.” Or something. So beginning December 1st, I will write and post something every day for thirty days. Even if I have a migraine. Even if I don’t feel like it. Even if it’s Christmas. I like that this comes to an abrupt close before the end of the year because really do you want to read me waxing esoteric about the turning over of the new year and the wings on the feet of Father Time?  It just ends on an ordinary Friday.

And after that? Well, we’ll see. I am involved in a secret project with Orville Wright– and those 49 other stories I wanted to tell in 1000 Days, well I think they might make their way onto the page sooner rather than later. But for now, I’ve got five days off to paint the hall closet, plant the holly bushes, send out holiday party invitations before I get started. Looking forward to seeing you on the first.